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Library Series

Hasbro Studios’ library contains a rich selection of popular titles based on some of Hasbro’s most iconic toy brands. Available in multiple languages, these evergreen shows still resonate with children worldwide and their cross-generational appeal are proving popular across multiple media platforms globally.


Episodes: Various


G.I. Joe – Real American Hero: 1983-1986

Transformers Generation 1: 1984-1987

Transformers Armada: 2002-2003

Transformers Energon: 2004-2005

Transformers Cybertron: 2005-2006

Transformers Animated: 2007-2009

Jem & The Holograms: 1985-1988

My Little Pony Tales: 1992

My Little Pony 80's Original Run: 1986

My Little Pony Classics Specials 2005-2006

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